Veret Rod Blanks



Gloriosa GT 4.35



After the huge success of the 100% carbon Gloriosa range, both on the field and on the beach, Veret were asked for a softer tipped version for general fishing use. The result was the Gloriosa GT. A stunning rod capable of massive distances, but with a more forgiving tip better suited to fishing clean to medium grounds. The tip is not simply a spliced in piece of glass that can produce a "sloppy" feel during the cast, instead Veret have blended glass fibres through the carbon to produce a more gradual progressive feel to the blank. The overall balance and weight of the blank is genuinely superb, although there is bags of power in the butt, you don't need to be a body builder to get it compressing.

Veret Gloriosa GT Stats:

  • 4.35m
  • 516g Total weight
  • 362g Butt weight
  • 154g Tip weight
  • 3.4mm Tip diameter
  • 24mm Butt diameter



Bridging the gap between the phenomenal Gloriosa Strong and Gloriosa Light, the new Veret Azimut and Zenith blanks are something special indeed.

Both blanks have already done casts in excess of 260m on the field, continuing the casting pedigree that Veret has demanded over the last few years. These rods are superb fishing rods too though, easing off on the ferocious strength of the Gloriosa Strong to give an action suitable for fishing applications as well as tournament casting, but having more power than the Light and the GT.

Unlike the 100% carbon blanks of the Strong and Light, these blanks have proportional amounts of glass fibers, giving the caster more potential for compression, whilst still maintaining a rapid release and lightning fast recovery without vibration.  This blend of materials means the rod works perfectly with leads from across the range.

Veret Azimut 435 Stats:

  • 4.35m

  • 4-7oz casting

  • C Curve action

  • 622g total weight

  • 392g butt weight

  • 230g tip weight

  • 3.4mm tip diameter

  • 26mm butt diameter




Nebula 4.35 


The Nebula 4.3 bridges the gap between the hugely popular Eclisseo 4.4 and the "big 3" (Nuvolo, Stellanera and Supernova). The demands for a powerful rod capable of handling 6oz leads and tide, but still maintaing great bite detection have resulted in Veret producing yet another stunning blank. Being a more powerful rod they have made the sections non-symmetrical to keep the balance perfect through the cast. The hybrid tip ensures bites are never missed, the power comes through a lot earlier than the Eclisseo for example, resulting in a blank that handles the heavier fishing superbly.

This is a blank only, if you would like me to build it for you please ring me on 0868165370  to discuss build options.

Veret Nebula 4.3 stats:

  • 4.3m

  • Hybrid tip

  • Non-symmetrical sections

  • 456g Total weight

  • 260g Butt weight

  • 160g Mid weight

  • 36g Tip weight

  • 2.0mm Tip diameter

  • 22mm Butt diameter

  • Supplied in cary case